Diwali quotes

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{Diwali Quotes, Happy Diwali Quotes}

Diwali is one of the main Indian festival which will be celebrated all over the world and many places in the world. USA has declared Diwali as a holiday for Indian who are working there. Diwali has other name which is called as deepavali. The name is derived from world's oldest language Sanskrit. Diwali or Deepavali means the row of lights. The festival will be celebrated by burning the crackers over the victory on bad. Before the day of Diwali there is another day called Naraka Chaturdasi. 

diwali quotes
diwali quotes

In ancient days there used to be a demon called narakasura whose main motto is to do ill things and create problems to the citizens. Narakasura was killed by Satya Bhama and the Diwali tradition started. Every year on the same day Deepavali is celebrated from the ages. On this auspicious day people wear new dress and burn the crackers. There is another part which is Lakshmi Puja. All the business people do Lakshmi Puja to gain more wealth and to keep the wealth which they already have by the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi Devi.

I wish your good times should begin with this Diwali by burning your bad times as crackers.

Make this Diwali every day festival by smashing the negativity in you with burning the crackers.

May your heart fill with light called kind for fellow beings; let your life be as light for others. Happy Diwali

Be a person who sees good in all and wish great for all. May this Diwali gives you good life and thought.